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DRAGONtail - Hellbender Rod with Tube & Sock

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Great balance for a big fish rod with strong action for controlling fish, yet still works great for little fish as well.

The HELLbender is a great Tenkara rod for those chasing bigger fish but don’t want to cast a heavy or super long rod. The 13ft length gives you good leverage and the 7:3 action backbone helps to control the fish.

We made this rod with a higher grade of carbon fiber to keep the weight down but still keep the rod strong.

I would recommend this rod for Tenkara anglers who fish waters with decent size bass or trout in the 16in – 22in or even bigger if you have the skills for it. This rod is rated for tippet size up to 3x, I generally use 4x tippet most of the time with it. 

The HELLbender is a Zoom Rod that fishes at both 13 feet or 11 feet. This allows you to use this rod on smaller or tighter streams as well as the big water areas. This is a also great rod for casting weighted flies & nymphs. It is also a great rod for getting started with Tenkara if you want a rod that can handle bigger fish but still great for the small fish as well.

The matte black color keeps the rod from reflecting the sun and possibly alerting the fish of your presence.


HELLbender Rod Specs:

  • Zoom Rod lengths: 13ft-11.3ft (390cm-340cm)
  • 7:3 action
  • Rod weight: about 3.4 oz
  • High quality carbon fiber IM12
  • Collapsed rod length: 24 inches
  • Handle length: 12.25 inches
  • 8 segments
  • Matte Black finish
  • Hard Storage Tube: 26 inches