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DRAGONtail - Foxfire Rod with Tube & Sock (Green)

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Fiberglass Hybrid Tenkara Rod

We have found that the best place for fiberglass in tenkara rods is the Short Tenkara Rods that need to flex more than traditional carbon fiber tenkara rods give to get a smooth cast with the short light lines. This rod is mostly high quality S-Glass material, we added some carbon fiber in the tip sections to help reduce oscillation when casting. The marriage of these 2 materials in the FoxFIRE rod is fantastic!

This is a very playful rod with even small fish and because it is mostly fiberglass it will flex all the way to the handle when needed. Fiberglass material is also highly durable when compared to carbon fiber rods, in other words they can take a bit of a beating without issues.

3 Short ZOOM Lengths in 1 Tenkara Rod: 9.3ft in the 280 long length, 8ft in the 245 mid length, and 6.6ft in the 200 short length. 


FoxFire Rod Specs:

  • Nested length (with tip plug): 22" (56 cm)
  • Extended lengths: 79" (202), 96" (245), 111.6" (283.5 cm)
  • Weight (washout tip plug): 79.2 g
  • CCS (common cents system): 12.5, 12, 10.5 pennies
  • RFI (Rod Flex Index): 6.3, 4.9, 3.7