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  • Where do I start? Where do I start?

    Where do I start?

    This FREE guide will help guide you through the preparedness process. If you're just getting started, this will help you get going. If you're already on your way, use this as a reference as you continue on! Please feel free to download and share with...



    This FREE guide will give you a step-by-step, 12-month game plan to preparedness. Each month includes a main topic, education and training suggestions, and suggested activities and ways to practice your skills.  Preparedness can be overwhelming, but...

  • 96-Hour Kit Checklist 96-Hour Kit Checklist

    96-Hour Kit Checklist

    A 96-hour kit is a portable, grab-and-go kit that covers many items from the categories below. Some items may carry over and add to your overall emergency supply. This kit should be tailored to each individual's needs. It is limited to portable items and...

  • Vehicle Survival Kit Checklist

    Vehicle Survival Kit Checklist

    Another good name for this kit is your "GET HOME BAG." We spend a lot of time away from home in our vehicles, especially if we commute for work or travel a lot. This kit contains the essential items that you might need if you get stranded, your vehicle...



    This FREE guide will give you the basics of ham radio - What is it, how to get licensed, how it works, where to learn more, how to use ham radio with your emergency plan, etc. Please feel free to download and share with whoever you'd like! The more...

  • Entire Collection

    Entire Collection

    This folder contains ALL of our FREE guides, checklists, templates, resources, & more!   Download this folder and share with everyone you know! We are big believers in KNOWLEDGE and we want everyone to have these free resources. Knowledge is...

  • Prepared Mindset Guide

    Prepared Mindset Guide

    Survival is a mindset. While we may not always be able to choose our circumstances, we can ALWAYS choose the way we respond to those situations and our attitude toward them.  Being prepared is also a choice. We have the ability to prepare now,...

  • Water Storage Guide

    Water Storage Guide

    Water Storage 101. How much do I need? Where should I store it? What type of containers should I use? Does my water need to be treated? How often should I rotate it? How do I clean and decontaminate my tanks? 

  • Emergency Contact Card Emergency Contact Card

    Emergency Contact Card

    What happens when your trusty smart phone dies or breaks and you need to contact your family in an emergency? How many phone numbers, email addresses, and radio frequencies do you have memorized? How about your kids? If you're like us, it's probably...

11 of 11 Items