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Sophos is a Greek word which means “wisdom” and was originally used to describe expertise in a particular knowledge or craft. The reason we chose this is because our goal is to TEACH and INSTILL emergency preparedness, survival, and self-reliance as an attitude and way of life, not just sell a bunch of survival stuff. Of course, good quality gear and supplies are very important (and a big part of our business), but we believe a ready mind is your most valuable tool.


Here’s an example: Aircraft pilots spend a significant amount of time on emergency procedure training. They study these procedures to know WHAT to do in case of an emergency, and they study the aircraft systems to know what’s behind those procedures – basically HOW stuff works. Then they PRACTICE so that when something goes wrong, the procedures are automatic and they can respond is calmly, wisely, and immediately.


Founded in 2015, Mapleton, UT.