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SILVA Terra Scout XT Headlamp 350

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Terra Scout XT is made of hemp and recycled plastics – a sustainable, lightweight, and useful headlamp designed for your everyday outdoor adventures. Terra Scout XT features 350 lumen, night vision mode, IPX5 water protection, battery level indicator and Hybrid Technology, meaning the battery compartment is compatible with both the rechargeable Silva Hybrid Battery (1.25 Ah) and standard AAA batteries. The Silva Hybrid Battery can be purchased separately for this product.

  • 350 lumen light output
  • Made from hemp and 100% recycled plastics
  • Hybrid technology – compatible with both Silva rechargeable battery and standard AAA batteries
  • 3 x AAA batteries included & battery burn time up to 70 hours
  • Silva Intelligent Light – combining long reach spot light and close flood light
  • Comfortable fit – thanks to low weight and the wide headband
  • Night vision mode – the red light mode preserves your night vision
  • Battery level indicator – informs about the remaining charge level when turned off
  • Large on/off button – easy to operate also when wearing gloves
  • Water-resistant – headlamp and battery pack meet IPX5 standard