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Sourdough Class - FREE - Wed, Dec 6, 6pm

Natural Sourdough by Martha Levi

If you’ve experienced guilt over carbs, bread bloat, gluten intolerance or cardboard flavor, you may be another victim of modern commercial bread!  For those discouraged with cutting this staple from your diet we have some good news!  You may not have to!


What if there was an ancient bread recipe that man has used for thousands of years?  A recipe older than your grandma’s bread. A recipe that’s made bread a nutritional go-to staple.


Abigail’s Oven naturally leavened sourdough, the revolutionary, old way, of making bread that keeps you feeling trim, healthy and guilt free!  Even better. Now you can learn this lost art first hand!

Class Format: Demonstration, bring your notebook and questions!

Where: Sophos Survival | 244 N Main St, Spanish Fork, UT 84660

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