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Sophos Survival

Timpanogos PRO 72 Hour Kit

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The Timpanogos PRO 72-hour kit is designed to actually be used!! Imagine that! Crazy, we know. We designed this kit for ourselves and our families, so it's got the good stuff and you can trust it every time. Most kits out there contain way too much cheap, gimmicky stuff, and this is NOT that kit. Each item in the Timpanogos is hand-picked for practical survival application, to be extremely durable, and have all the stuff you really need to survive a 3 day survival situation. Bottom line - This kit will keep you alive when the occasion calls for it, and every item will contribute to your survival.

NOTE:  Can support 1 person as built and up to 2 people with our additional person add on kit. For families, we recommend two full kits and add on kits for the kids. This will ensure there is enough gear to support everyone, especially if the parents have to separate to find kids or get help.




25L Waterproof Drybag Backpack

Food and Water

8 | 4.2 ounce Emergency Water Ration Pouches

Emergency Food Ration | 3600 calories

Sawyer Mini Water Filtration System

34 oz Wide-Mouth Water Bottle

First Aid

Nebo iFAK | 84-item Individual First Aid Kit

Adult First Aid & CPR Guide

Tools & Utility

Midland ER210 E+Ready Emergency Crank Radio

Folding Map Compass

Morakniv Companion Survival Knife

Storm Proof Flashlight (440 lumens, 4xAAA batteries)

5 yds | Duct Tape

 50' | 550 Paracord

Premium Leather Gloves

12 Hour Green Light Stick

2 | Handwarmers

Toilet Waste Bag

Biodegreadeable Toilet Paper

Fire Starting

Fire Starter Kit | Ferro Rod & Tinder - Lights 15 Fires

25 Stormproof Matches


Emergency Bivvy/Sleeping Bag

Emergency Shelter Kit

Heavy Duty Wool Blanket

Heat Reflective Poncho


Comprehensive checklist for additional items/gear you may want in your kit


*Some items may be substituted with comparable items at our discretion due to availability