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Superskin Turf Tape

$1.25 - $24.95
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Let’s face it, turf burn sucks.


Whether you’re tearing it up on the field or patching up your players, turf burn isn’t fun for anyone. Current turf burn tapes aren’t stretchy, don’t adhere well, and are just plain uncomfortable (in fact, current tapes were originally used as wound dressings). Unlike the stodgy tapes of yesteryear, new SuperSkin Turf was designed with players and trainers in mind so you can focus on game day.



+ 4-way stretch material lets you move and bend without constraint


+ Advanced adhesive stays on longer


+ Strong, thin material and rounded edges for less snagging and peeling


+ Precut pieces for easy tear-and-go



Sold by the Roll or per Piece

Piece Dimensions: 14 in. x 4 in.

Pre-Cut Rolls have 26 Pieces Per Roll

Uncut Rolls are 30 ft. x 4 in.