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SOS Food Lab - Emergency Drinking Water Pouch

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Access to potable drinking water can be a game-changer in emergency situations!

Keep a safe, triple-purified supply within reach with our easy-to-open pouches. Our packaged water is the only product on the market with both USCG and U.S. Navy approval.

Used in emergency, survival and preparedness situations or for regular outdoor activities like hiking, hunting, etc. Perfect for any situation in which water access is uncertain.

• Triple purified, reverse osmosis, UV sterilized and ozonated
• Drop tested to 36 meters (118 ft.)
• Withstands temperature range of -22ºF to +149ºF
• Single serve package, easy open
• Easy storage even in small places
• Kosher Certified
• Best in industry pouch burst strength of 862 lbs.