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Sophos Survival

Sophos Survival - 60 Gallon Water Tank

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Now: $279.00
In-Stock Release Date 1 JUL 2023
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The Sophos Survival 60 Safe, space-efficient, easy-to-use water storage tank that is perfect for emergency preparedness or recreational uses. 

This tank is specifically designed to be low-profile, extremely sturdy and durable, and utilize every square inch of space. Build a workbench over it, throw it in your truck or trailer for a camping trip, or use it on a jobsite... 

The anti-bulge ribs not only maintain the structural integrity of the tank, but also act as perfect handles and strap channels to secure to the wall for safety. 


  • Anti-Airlock Lid: Lets air in ss water goes out
  • Spigot Key Holder: Built in childproof key holders
  • Rectangle Shape: Fits through doorways
  • 3 Deep Groves: Easy carrying, easy strap down, structural stability (no bulge design)
  • Quality Material: BPA Free, UV Resistant, FDA Approved
  • Lower Spigot: Easy to Drain


  • 24" WIDE x 20" DEEP x 35.5" TALL
  • 30 lbs EMPTY - 530 lbs FULL