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Rescue Essentials - QuikLitter Lite

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Rescue Essentials has now developed the QuikLitter Lite™. This low-cost emergency litter is an even lighter, more compact, version of our popular QuikLitter™. It features ten large handles, four on each side and one each at the head and foot, allowing for easy patient handling. With a load capacity tested to 750 lbs, it can be employed for everyday use as a soft stretcher as well as MCI emergency patient transport. Even more important, the QuikLitter Lite™ comes vacuum packed small enough to fit into the cargo pocket of most tactical and EMS pants. A rescue litter you can fit into your cargo pocket! Use our QuikLitter Lite™ Utility Pouch or the FLAT IFAK pouch to carry on your tactical or rescue task force vest. 

The QuikLitter Lite™ is constructed of heavy duty nylon webbing, and backed with a lightweight water-resistant nylon material and is latex-free. This is the ideal RESCUE TASK FORCE Casualty Collection Device and at only $25 it can be affordably stocked in every Bleeding Control Kit as well as added to every emergency vehicle including law enforcement fleets.

*NOT A DRAG DEVICE. Designed for patient carry only.*

Dimensions: 74" H x 27" W (open)

Dimensions: 7" H x 6" W x 1.75" D (packaged)

Weight: 12 oz

Capacity: 750 lbs (340 kg)