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My Medic

My Medic - Minor Burn Med Pack

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The waiter told you that fajita pan was hot but you just wouldn't listen.

The Minor Burn Med Pack has got you covered. Includes Burn Gel which helps suck the heat out of smaller burns and a 4x4 Burn Dressing when things are a little more serious. 

  • Use as a grab-and-go kit, or use as a supplemental module to boost your first aid kit or bug-out bag!
  • Medication and supplies for common burn injuries


  • 2 - Burn Gel Packets (3.5ml)
  • 1 - Burn Dressing (4x4)
  • 2 - Fabric Bandages (1x3)
  • 1 - Fabric Bandage (2x4)
  • 2 - Tylenol Tablets (500mg)