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DRAGONtail - Starter Kit (12.5ft, Bushi furled line)

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EVERYTHING You Need to Fish Tenkara (minus the rod)

This is a great kit for getting you started in Tenkara with the tapered furled line option.

Everything you need to go out and fish Tenkara today! Comes with:

1. Bushi furled Tenkara line. All Purpose Line that is still quite light for soft presentation but carries a punch that will work in most great in slightly breezy conditions and a great line for beginners who are learning to cast because it casts quite easy. It was designed to have a nice loop when casting that helps presentation. It does well with weightless wet flies, dry flies, lightly weighted nymphs, and even hopper patterns. When floatant is applied it floats like a dream for fishing dries. 

2. Foam Tenkara Line Holder. Great for storing your line and for pre-rigging so all you have to do is unwind your line and attach it to your pole. EVA foam allows you to hook your fly and hold it snug.  Center hole fits snug on the upper end of the cork handle on your Tenkara Rod.

3. 3 Tenkara Flies (flies will be random and may defer from photo)

4. Spool of 4x tippet line. Use between the line and fly. 32 yard spool. 

Choose a line length close to the length of your Tenkara Rod (give or take a foot or 2). Need help choosing a line length? click here >>

What is included:

  • Bushi Furled Tenkara Line
  • 1 Foam Tenkara Line Holder
  • 3 Tenkara Flies
  • Spool of 4x Tippet