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DRAGONtail - Nirvana Line Holder 4 pack (Med-Thin)

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4 COLORS per pack
In each pack you get 4 line holders with each being a different color: Grey, Yellow, Green, and Orange. This is excellent if you want to color code your lines so you can tell which line is which just by color. Also, life gets a little boring when all you have is blue line holders.

3 Thicknesses To Choose From
Regular (11mm), Medium-Thin (9mm), Extra Thin (7mm). Commonly Tenkara Line Holders are around 13mm to 14mm thick and hold as much line as our Medium-Thin (9mm thick) NIRVANA Line Holder and lack the awesome features you get with the NIRVANA Tenkara Line Holders.

7 Locking Slits Around Foam Center
The center hole has 7 slits that you can use to secure your line through to make sure nothing comes unraveled in the bag.

Light Weight Foam Center
Since the majority of the Tenkara line holder is made of foam it is very light weight. The foam center also makes it easy to write notes about your line right on the line holder with a fine point Sharpe marker if desired.

Line Locking Tabs
The spool has 8 tabs around the front rim that you can secure your line through with easy, plus you get the slits in the center foam to keep it extra secure if wanted. These tabs also give this spool an awesome look.

Smooth Back For Easy Winding
The back rim of the spool is flat and smooth making it easy and fast to wind your line on without worrying about accidentally through the gaps of the tabs or slits. This is especially very useful on the extra thin size line holders.