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Bull Water Storage

Bull Integrated Water System


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Looking for the industry leading water storage system?

The patented Bull Water Storage System conveniently provides access to fresh water when you need it most. While your neighbors may be without running water, flushable toilets, warm showers, washing machine, etc., it will be business as usual at your home. 

The Bull Water System connects storage tanks directly to the main water line in your home and is readily available with the flip of a switch.

  • Easiest water rotation ever!
  • Stored water is kept isolated but readily available
  • Works with any size storage tank(s) sold by Sophos Survival

System Includes:

  • Patented Bull Control Box (22.5" x 22.5" x 6")
    • Water Pump
    • Power Converter
    • Battery Backup
    • Trickle Charger

*Water tanks and installation are not included