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Sophos Survival

3" Ferro Rod Fire Striker

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Compact and lightweight, this is a must have tool for anyone who spends time outdoors!

  • 3 1/8" x 5/16" | 30g (with striker)
  • 3,500+ strikes
  • 5000+ degree F spark shower
  • Works in any condition & altitude
  • Wind & waterproof
  • High visibility paracord lanyard
  • Perfect for survival, emergency preparedness, backpacking, hunting, backcountry motorsports, camping, backyard fires, BBQs, and any other reason you'd light a fire!


How to Use

  1. Collect and prepare your tinder. Hell's Fire, cotton balls (or equivalent), dry grass or moss, char cloth, and leaves are ideal. Gather small, medium, and large pieces of dry kindling to add to your fire once it is started. The success of your fire depends on collecting the proper materials and having them staged and ready to add as needed.
  2. Place tip of ferro rod very close to your tinder. "Anchoring" the tip of the rod or your hand on a solid surface helps direct the spark where you want it. 
  3. Hold the striker at a 45 degree angle and firmly strike downward toward your tinder. The spark is created from shaving off tiny pieces of the ferro rod, so the harder you strike, the bigger the sparks!
  4. Be ready to add kindling as needed. 
  5. Smile. Fire is awesome!