All-In-One Cast Iron Grill


Grill. Wok. Smoker. Skillet. Braiser. Roaster. Deep fryer. Slow cooker. Stock pot.

The All-in-One Cast Iron Grill is an outdoor cook’s dream. A cast iron base and domed lid, grill grate, baking steel, tripod stand, and coal tray combine in countless configurations to expand your outdoor dining options, and pack down into a single self-contained bundle to minimize what you carry.



Cook More. Carry Less.

Free yourself from the limits imposed by your outdoor cooking setup. The All-in-One Cast Iron Grill makes it simple to vary cooking methods and explore new cuisines without carrying extra equipment.

Whether you want to grill burgers, smoke fish, steam bao buns, slow cook curry, braise a pork shoulder, stir-fry foraged vegetables, fry an egg, or experiment with something different, you can do it with the All-in-One.

Limited lifetime warranty on cast iron

Pack & Go

Move from rooftop to riverside with ease. The All-in-One houses its components in the cast iron body, creating an outdoor cooking system that travels well and stores compactly. The included bundling belt ensures everything remains in place until next time.

Control the Heat

The All-in-One heightens your control while expanding your options. Place it over a fire. Nestle it in coals. Place coals in the wok base. Feed the coal tray. Raise or lower the tray. Use the tripod or set it aside. The cast iron construction provides maximum versatility so you can choose the source and distance of the heat, creating perfect conditions for perfectly-cooked food.

Infuse with Heritage

Create an heirloom that tells your story. Meals shared, community built, memories made. Each time you use your All-in-One you add notes to its seasoning and richness to its history–your history. Cast iron becomes an archive that shares the unique legacy you’ve built one meal at a time. Start crafting yours.


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