Midland DBR2500 Dual Band Amateur Two-Way Radio


The Midland DBR2500 mobile dual band amateur two-way radio features UHF and VHF bands and includes NOAA weather channels. For extended range, the DBR2500 has 25 Watt/ 15 Watt/ 5 Watt selectable transmit power and includes 200 programmable memory channels.  The compact design and full alloy body will mount just about anywhere. The DBR2500 offers transmit on amateur frequencies 144-148MHz and 420-450MHz and receive on frequencies 136-174MHz and 400-490MHz. The mobile unit also features 564 privacy tones, DTMF-ANI or 5 Tone ANI, Amateur and Professional mode, channel scan, monitor mode, high contrast backlit 180 degree rotatable LCD display for daytime or night use. *Antenna Not Included.

NOTICE: This is a Dual Band Amateur Radio requiring an FCC license to transmit. This product does not transmit on GMRS, FRS or CB frequencies. You can learn more about licensing requirements by visiting the FCC Website
(FCC Amateur Radio Service)




25 Watt/ 15 Watt/ 5 Watt Power Modes

Dual Band UHF/VHF Radio

VHF: Receive: 136-174MHz; Transmit: 144-148MHz

UHF: Receive: 400-490MHz; Transmit: 420-450MHz

200 Programmable Memory Channels

180 Degree Rotatable TFT LCD Display

NOAA Weather Radio

Repeater Capable

Amateur Mode and Professional Mode

Separate Single Channel Bandwidth – Wide, Middle, Narrow bands

Full Alloy Body

DTMF-ANI and 5 Tone-ANI

52 CTCSS and 512 DCS Tones

Channel Scan

Keypad Lock

Monitor Mode

Keystroke Tones

Backlit Display

Voltage Level Protection

Automatic Power on Function

LCD Brightness Control

DBR2500 Dual Band 2-Way Radio

Handheld Microphone

Mounting Bracket & Screw


Microphone Holder

12V Power Cord

Owner’s Manual

Additional information

Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 7.25 × 6.38 × 2.75 in


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