Emergency Communication Card



Do you have all the phone numbers, addresses, radio frequencies, etc. you will need in an emergency situation MEMORIZED? Me either. Download this contact card, fill one out for each member in your family, cut it out, fold it up, and keep in your wallet or kid’s backpack. In an emergency situation, communication is key! Scroll down for more info on communication planning.


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During a major emergency, local phone service is likely to be interrupted or intermittent. Here are a couple tips on what you can do to be prepared:

  • Have one local and one out of state emergency contact phone number. Establish communication within the first hour after a disaster (or as soon as possible) and relay information about your location, well being, and approximate time you will call again to check status of the rest of your family
  • Know your neighbors’ home and cell phone numbers if you are caught away from home and need them to respond to children’s needs
  • Include in your plan instructions to inform your “Block Captain” (or local emergency coordinator) as soon as possible after an emergency occurs, about the status of your family and condition of your home
  • Have multiple methods of communication – Cell phones, radios (two-way or ham), email, etc. Keep batteries charged and check operation regularly


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