Have you ever wished you knew how to start a fire without a lighter or matches? How to find drinking water in the wild? How to build a shelter, find food, or perform first-aid? At Sophos Survival we not only bring you the tools for preparedness and survival, we teach you how to use them and prepare your mind for emergency events, or as we like to call them, life’s adventures!



The Basic Survival Skills course is the first in our series of survival classes. This course is designed to pass along time-tested outdoor skills and a mindset that are invaluable for any back-country adventure.

You will be introduced to the most important concepts and practices for sustaining life when it is threatened. What actions to take, the best order to take them in, and how to execute those actions. In this class you will learn by instruction, demonstration, and practice.

The class starts on the shop floor with a gear “shakedown” packing list and a discussion on survival priorities. You will then be guided through emergency first-aid and self-defense, natural shelter building and fire craft, tool selection, collecting safe water and food, and finally how to signal for help and navigate to safety. You’ll also learn how to tie a few critical knots that will help you survive and serve you throughout life.

The confidence you will gain from our Basic Survival Skills Course will remain with you from season to season and in every climate. Whether your adventures take you into the back country or the urban jungle, you can feel secure in your ability to survive!