BioFilm Defender – 5 year Emergency Water Storage Treatment Kit


H20 ResQ’s patented water treatment is an organic, mineral-based product. Instead of chlorine treatments that dissipate quickly, this treatment will last for a minimum of 5 years. Biofilm Defender utilizes the latest technology in copper and silver ionization which keeps the copper and silver in a suspended form in your water for many years. Both Copper and Silver have anti-microbial properties and attack germs that typically infect our water supply, water storage containers, or water filter media that filter our water.

In many water storage environments, a slimy film called bio-film grows on surfaces that come in contact with water and tends to shelter and protect bacteria and other germs from being being destroyed, even with chlorine. BioFilm Defender attacks this bio-film and eliminates the environment for the bacteria to grow and contaminate your water supply.

This is the best water treatment we’ve found for long-term water storage. Use it and have water good to drink for 5 years!

  • One 2-oz kit treats 330 gallons
  • Does not contain chlorine
  • Treats water for both bacteria and virus germs without having to rotate water as often
  • Easy to use – Just add to water as you fill your tank



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