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Dad Box

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What do you get the man that has everything? A whole bunch of stuff!

Don't take your chances on getting just one gift and hoping it's good.  Get the Dad Box and we guarantee there will be something in here that he likes!

We've assembled a whole bunch of cool items that we love and created the Dad Box in celebration of Father's Day. Show your appreciation for all that your father, husband, grandfather, etc. does!

Items included:

  • Hell's Fire - Fire Starting Clay:  Make fire starting a breeze (even if there is 50 mph one) with this NEW fire starter. Burns at over 2000 degrees to light any material in any conditions. Waterproof, windproof and super cool to use!
  • Titan Fire Striker Ferro Rod Kit: Light your Hell's Fire or other tinder with this heavy duty ferro rod. Unlike lighters, matches and other sources of ignition that can fail or run out, this fire striker works in any conditions and will strike 20,000 times at 5400 degrees F! 
  • Sophos Survival Snap Back Hat: Dad's always need a new hat to add to the rotation. Durable and comfortable with vented rear panels, this hat just might become his new favorite!
  • Duke Cannon Big Ass Brick Of Soap:  Duke Cannon makes the manliest soap on the market and this 10 oz brick of soap can replace that wimpy big box store soap he is using currently. 
  • No Man's Land Beef Jerky 3.5 oz: Don't be fooled by the weight.  This is 100% pure, authentic beef jerky with no fillers or shortcuts. Just real meat with 17g of protein per ounce!
  • SOL Fire Lite Utility Cord 50 ft: Second only to duct tape in versatility, this utility cord is useful in a multitude of situations but can also be used to start a fire thanks to it's waxed cotton core.
  • Kangaroo Personal Hygiene Kit: This one of a kind waterless hygiene is the perfect way for Dad to freshen up while he's out in the wild doing manly things. Kit contains a shower wipe, toothpick, toothbrush and ingestible chewable toothpaste tablet.

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