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Cylinder Stoves - Chimney Oven

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Fresh bread and cookies in the backcountry or without electricity?  No problem!

Like our stoves, the oven is built for quality, durability and ease of use. The oven installs directly to the stove pipe from your stove. No other support is necessary. The oven can be turned any direction in relation to your stove. Smoke from the stove pipe heats oven by circulating completely around the oven chamber, providing an even heat for baking (smoke does not come in contact with food).

Temperatures up to 500° are easily regulated by controlling rate of burn in stove. We use a precision thermometer which measures the temperature inside the oven, not just the temperature of the door. Draw bar latch with wire ring handle (similar to stove) is easy to use even when hot. Oven comes with one 9x11 cookie sheet, and one 9x11 baking pan. The pans fit on 2 different positions in oven for high or low cooking options. Includes 11" section of pipe to connect oven to stove. Both pans and pipe store inside the oven.


  • Available with 5" stove pipe hole.
  • Outside Dimensions 20" L X 14" Diameter
  • Inside Dimensions 16" L X 11" Diameter
  • Oven stands 24" above stove



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